Satya Hinduja’s beginnings are seeded into the rich heritage of India’s west coast, sprouting and taking root in Mumbai’s thriving Bollywood scene, earning her a solid foundation and respect for music on a production level. The next 12 years would see a great transformation in Satya, not only as a musical artist, but at an even deeper spiritual level. The journey has seen her go from scoring Indian films to collaborating with global contemporary artists and musicians, to underground DJ’s. Whatever medium she presents, within lies a message for the soul.

Influenced by the philosophies of Universal Sufism, Vedantic teachings and her knowledge of western electronic music, Satya developed a sound that is truly unique, she calls this ‘Alchemic Electronica™’. Working with frequencies to provoke change in the human psyche with her vast knowledge and experience of music and music theory, a wondrous new universe is born.

Using sound as the best tool for communication, her intentions lie in elevating the deep subconscious through her meditative project ‘Alchemic Sonic Environment’, an immersive nomadic spatial sound booth that caters to all of the body’s senses. The experience combines the spiritual with the scientific and each multisensory site-specific performance is carefully tailored to fit the audience’s needs by tuning a range of variables; from structure to smell, light temperature, sound and space.

Satya is an artist who seeks to share beyond the confines of the tangible – an artist in the truest sense of the word – whose name literally means ‘truth’; and strives to offer exactly that.

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